ARE6104-01 (2013학년도 2학기)

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공A328  수1,2,3 
류석춘  사회과학대학 사회학 
Wi-Dang-Kwan Rm 510  02-2123-2427
Department of Area Studies, Graduate School,
Graduate School of International Studies. &
Social Science Major, Graduaute School
There will be two sets of lectures in this class. The first set will be 
offered by, so called, distance learning (DL), which is supported by modern 
technology to share videos and audios across campuses, at room A328, 
Engineering Hall. It consists of joint lectures by three Universities, ie, 
Yonsei in Seoul, Keio in Tokyo, and Fudan in Shanghai. Each university will 
offer two lectures on `hot` domestic issues. Orginizers of this schedule are 
Lew Seok Choon at Yonsei, ???? at Keio, and ???? at Fudan. In addition, 
there will be a "on-line students joint presentation." Also, there will be a 
couple of chances to meet each other physically, not virtually. For the 
enrolled students of each campus. This semester, Yonsei(??) is hosting 
`Pilgrim Workshop` on ???? (Saturday).For the professors and selected PhD and 
MA students, there will be `Global Governance Conference` on ???? (Saturday) 
at ????, which is geard for intellectual exchange among the three 
universities. Students’expenses for these visits will be partially supported 
by University Authorities. 

In sum, 6 DL classes, 1 DL students joint presentation, 1 workshop, and 1 
conference consist of the first set of lectures. Basically all these 
activities will be carried on in English. However, if there are students who 
can speak only Korean, translation will be provided. A maximum of 15 students 
are expected to enroll at each university.... (continued to the next box)
The rest of classes, which is the second set, will be delivered in Korean by 
Lew Seok Choon at  room A328, Engineering Hall, focused on the issue of 
Korean economic development. The Text is Lew`s forthcoming book, titled 
Korean Economic Developmental Path: Confucian Tradition, Affective Networks 
(Palgrave). This part of the class will be pretty much the same as other 
conventinal graduate classes. though internet, ie, YSCEC, is extensively 
utilized. Especially, this semester, KANG Sunwoo,, is 
joining this part from Keio Campus.

No pre-requisite courses.
The first Set: Distance Learning Class 
(9:30-11:00, 90 min. Room A328, Engineering Hall )
Main lecture: 45 min, Q & A 45 Min. 

The Second Set: Yonsei Only Class including 강선우
(9:30-12:00, 2 and half hours, Room A328, Engineering Hall)
75 minutes Lecture and 75 minutes Discussion
Participating students are expected to work together with Keio and Fudan 
students on any subjects tossed in the class to make a joint presentation, but 
the topic has to be approved in advance so that the three coordinating 
professors can check what they are doing. In particular, we strongly encourage 
comparative work on three East Asian countries. Joint presentation with Keio 
and Fudan students is a minimum requirement to have grades of the class (40%). 
Individual papers on Korean economic development is also required (40%). Class 
participation consists of the remaining 20% of the final grade.
Lew Seok Choon, 

Korean Economic Developmental Path: Confucian Tradition, Affective Networks.
forthcoming by Palgrave (in PDF form)
to be announced
to be completed
2013-09-02 2013-09-08
9/4 (Yonsei Only)


Due to professor`s trip to attend a 
conference in Hungary, TA only 
(9.2) fall semester classes begin (9.4 - 9.6) Course add and drop period 
2013-09-09 2013-09-15
9/11 (Yonsei Only)

Chapter 1: Missing Links in 
Understanding Korean Developmental 

Chapter 2: Confucian Ethics and the 
Spirit of Capitalism in Korea: The 
Significance of Filial Piety 
Lew`s forthcoming Book 
2013-09-16 2013-09-22

(9.18 - 9.20) Korean Thanksgiving Day 
2013-09-23 2013-09-29
9/25 (Yonsei Only)

Chapter 3: Affective Networks and 
Modernity in Korea

Chapter 4: Historical Development of 
Affective Networks in Korea: The 
Third Sector and Confucian Tradition 
Lew`s forthcoming Book 
2013-09-30 2013-10-06
10/2 (Yonsei Only)

Chapter 5: Confucian Capitalism of 
Park Chung Hee: Possibilities and 

Chapter 6: Generalized Reciprocity 
between Strong State and Strong 
Society: Park Chung Hee and the Korean 
Developmental Path 
Lew`s forthcoming Book 
(10.3) National Foundation day, (10.2 - 10.7) Course withdrawal period 
2013-10-07 2013-10-13
10/9 (Yonsei Only)

Chapter 7: Did the 1997 Financial 
Crisis Transform the S. Korean 
Developmental State?  Focused on the 
Public Fund 

Chapter 8: Moral Economy 
Lew`s forthcoming Book 
(10.8) First third of the semester ends, (10.9) Hangul Day 
2013-10-14 2013-10-20
10/16 (DL by Keio) 
to be announced 
2013-10-21 2013-10-27
10/23 (DL by Fudan) 
to be announced 
(10.21 - 10.26) Midterm examinations 
2013-10-28 2013-11-03
10/30 (DL by Yonsei) 
to be announced 
10  2013-11-04 2013-11-10
11/6 (DL by Keio) 
to be announced 
11  2013-11-11 2013-11-17
11/13 (DL by Fudan) 
to be announced 
(11.14) Two thirds of the semester ends 
12  2013-11-18 2013-11-24
11/20 (DL by Yonsei)

--- Pilgrim on ???? at ???? --- 
to be announced 
13  2013-11-25 2013-12-01
11/27 (Yonsei Only)

Free Topic and Conclusion 
Lew`s forthcoming Book 
14  2013-12-02 2013-12-08
12/4 (DL by Students)

3 campus students joint presentation 
to be announced 
15  2013-12-09 2013-12-15
12/11 (Yonsei only)

Extra and Further Discussion 
to be announced 
16  2013-12-16 2013-12-22

- Global Governance Conference,  
Dec ??? at ???? - 
Final Exam Period 
(12.16 - 12.21) Final examinations